The equations of physics do not tell us which events are occurring right now -

they are like a map without a ‘you are here’ symbol.

The present moment does not exist in them,

and therefore neither does the flow of time.

Craig Callender

An old couple float through space in a simulated Eden, digitally and physically reliving their pasts between cups of tea and gardening. Their bodies are linked to a system which filters their memories; projected within them, they slip consciously and unconsciously into the skins of their past selves - as children, young lovers and adults again. As they and the system deteriorate, transformations become more unpredictable and ROBAs reach towards a door in the darkness, a passage out of the confusion, out of time.

Using body and mask transformation, video projection and sound filters, dance-theatre company jeudi explore questions of memory and disintegration within digitized experience. 

cast & collaborators:

Idea-Creation-Production: jeudi

Co-production: David Glass Ensemble

Direction & Choreography: Korina Kokkali & Simon Gleave

Dramaturgy-Consulting Director: David Glass

Music & Sound Composition: Gary Salomon

Set Design: Thaleia Melissa

Lighting Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou

Mask & transformation: Julian Crouch

Costume Design: Alexandros Garnavos

Video Art: Christos Symeonides

Assistant Director: Dimitra Koutsokosta

Production Management: Vasileia Taskou

Performing: Korina Kokkali & Simon Gleave

video & photos by Christos Symeonides

sound by Gary Salomon