Let Go Home is an original, devised 'art-theatre' project about grief and our absurd relationship to belongings. Drawing on stunning imagery, breathtaking live music and sound and physical storytelling, we tell a bizarre, touching and fragmented ‘story’ of a family in the throes of bereavement.

Co-directed by Adam Clifford and Simon Gleave, the project is currently in research and development with work encompassing original text, movement, bells, percussion and piano, vocal sound and experimental scenography to paint a visual and aural canvas. By reenacting daydream, nightmare and childhood states through absurd play and repetitive, durational sequences, we explore the human relationship to home, death and material objects.

The project was first conceived in the autumn of 2016, inspired by personal events, before the material was opened to wider influences, stories, themes and archetypes. We undertook a thorough and successful period of research in Edinburgh in summer 2017 and reentered the work in July 2018 to pave the way towards our first performances in early 2019.

We are pleased also to announce our partnership with psychiatrist and theatre scholar Dr Maria Turri of Queen Mary University London.