Theatre ain't dead. It just smells funny.

Antonin Artaud

"The three actors perform with unconditional energy and presence"
Spy in the Stalls

Mortgage (AKA the Filthy, Disgusting and Miserable Beatrice Gunta Mortgage): Lunatic, Murderess, Stage Manager. Mortgage has burnt down the last theatre on Earth. She must now rebuild it with the skin, bones and blood of actors. And you are invited to the casting.

Burnt to a crisp, and in the care of two demonic drag-doctors, Mortgage isn't having the best day. As we circumnavigate her miserable, short and terrible life down the corridors of the asylum (Purgatory), the healing is a hell all of it's own.

Mortgage is a horror-farce which draws on theatre of cruelty, magic and sacrifice. A collaboration between Created a Monster and the David Glass Ensemble.

This project is the second in the series A Devine Comedy by David Glass.

Following a long period of research, we were granted funding from Arts Council England; a two-week residency with Collettivo Teatro, Siena; a two-week residency at Theatre Delicatessen, Broadgate; and a week's residency with The Bikeshed, Exeter. Mortgage was performed at The Pleasance, Islington as part of HeadFirst's festival of Sex, love and Death 2017, on the 28th October and in March 2018 Mortgage at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham.

We completed development with performances at the Sychrono Theatro in Athens, Grussomenteater in Oslo and Tristan Bates Theatre in London as part of Voila! Festival 2019 with a view to moving towards further partnerships, national and international tour and fully-incubated workshops.