Simon is a performer, writer, director and teacher. He graduated in 2012 from Trinity College (University of Toronto) before spending 2 years at Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, finally receiving his MA Acting from Drama Centre, London in 2016.

He currently works as Associate Artist of David Glass Ensemble as performer (Mortgage and Bleak House), writer (Alchemy of Extraordinary) and teacher in the UK, China and internationally; as co-director and performer with Created a Monster on their silent piece Conspiracy of Orphans (Rich Mix, Voila! and Akropoditi Dance Festival 2020); as dramaturg of Heliotopia, Korina Kokkali's dance-theatre piece premiered at Poreia Theatre in 2019; and is writing and co-directing son theatre’s first piece, Let Go Home to be premiered in 2021.

He likes what Joseph Brodsky said, that aesthetics is the mother of ethics and wants art and performance to be a place of transformation where primary movements, humour and

poetic atmospheres pull an audience into an imagined time and space.