Alchemy of the Extraordinary

In collaboration with David Glass Ensemble Learning we host Alchemy of the Extraordinary, a 4-week intensive training in Creative Practice and Devised Theatre.

Led by modern master David Glass, Alchemy of the Extraordinary is an intensive training course in devised theatre making and creative practice. The six week experience will comprise David Glass’s five-stage creative practice, his research into the Authentic Voice, The Child, The Adolescent, the Elder, Story and Ensemble Theatre making. David’s work has influenced and been employed by theatre companies and educational, social development and corporate organisations around the world (UN, Save the Children, Gecko, 111 Program and many more).

David Glass’s workshops are noted for their rigour, playfulness and impact. 

Over a 4-week period, 5 days per week and 8 hours per day participants will have a transformative skill-based experience of David Glass’ creative framework. They will come away with the tools to integrate and strengthen what they already do in their own practice, broadening and deepening their ability to devise theatre and develop creative projects from an authentic and provocative place be it in the arts, education, social development or corporate environments. 

Life is at its heart creative and the narratives and emotions that surround us are the stuff that build our practice. The course will be primarily experiential, exploring the creative reservoirs of the Child, Adolescent and Elder that is present in our lives before supplying the Creative Practice framework to shape these experiences.

The Creative Practice constitutes Five Stages, all of which must occur to create rich, authentic and original work: Preparation, Origination, Organisation, Realisation and Reflection. We will explore each of these stages through games, exercises and forum work.

David will also apply his Modes of Creativity, found in nature and revealed in each participant: Adaptors, Translators, Replicators, Integrators, Transformers. We will work individually with each participant, strengthening their capacities to lead, collaborate on and realise projects, growing from their distinctive qualities, attitudes and behaviour.