Care allows for play and freedom.

                             David Graeber

ROBA is the journey of two human figures on a passage through time. In a strange game of hide and seek, through a multiplicity of masks and forms they move backwards and forwards, on and off, in a space that is assembling and disassembling itself around them with the help of a mysterious third maker.

Something is leaking. Someone is singing. Everything is sick.

Through a physical theatre of image and sound, light and dark, ROBA explores the upside down world of care and the possibility of finding freedom through sickness.

If we have everything to lose when we are sick, then might sickness become a paradigm for freedom?

Built from the archiving of gestures, sounds, images and the experience of caring for someone we love, ROBA is the transposition of these fragments into a ceremony for play and freedom. It is the result of 4 years of research and collaboration with an extraordinary group of artists, friends, experts and hidden forces.

We are grateful for the support of Arts Council England, Dance and Ballet School Elisavet Georgoudi, Clod Ensemble and the many donors who have made the piece possible.

Created by JEUDi

Idea, Concept and Design: JEUDi

Direction: Simon Gleave and Korina Kokkali

Performers: Simon Gleave, Korina Kokkali & Maria Papachristopoulou

Music and Sound Composition: Adam Clifford and Gary Salomon

Sound Design: Yorgos Chanos

Set Design: Thalia Melissa & JEUDi

Lighting Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou & JEUDi

Premiere: 11.03.2024 Athens, Greece

PLYFA, Korytsas 39, Athens

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